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Avira was founded in 2006, but the anti-virus application is under active development since 1986 through its predecessor company H+BEDV Datentechnik GmbH.

As of 2012, Avira software is estimated to have over 100 million customers. In June 2012, Avira ranked sixth in the antivirus market share report from OPSWATAvira’s headquarters are located near Lake Constance, in Titman, Germany. The company has additional offices in the USA, China, Romania, and the Netherlands.

Avira is the best and well-loved antivirus software out there in the market. It has many good features and can detect and remove the threats from the PC very easily. One other great feature Avira has is that it automatically takes care of any malware it detects, even when you’re not running a scan. In some cases, it even found and deleted files before even notifying me. The antivirus can delete malware that is just hiding on your computer, even if it’s not active.  A major advantage of installing Avira on your PC is that it keeps unwanted apps and ransom ware out of your files and devices. Avira’s anti-ransom ware tools keep your files safe from attackers who can hold them hostage in exchange for money. By putting them around a “fenced in” part of your computer, it prevents hackers from finding them. The antivirus is also great at finding other unwanted applications you may have installed and getting rid of them. This includes programs that were hidden in other applications you installed, adware, and other software that snuck into your PC. Avira can even get rid of toolbars and add-ons you may have installed in your web browser. These applications are not as dangerous as malware for your computer, but they can slow it down and make it harder to use. 

They’re also tough to remove, so I was happy Avira was so effective at getting rid of them. Avira also gives you protection from phishing attacks on websites by scanning for shady links, fake websites, and more. Aside from blocking phishing attempts, Avira keeps you safe when you’re paying for products and services online and when you’re checking your finances. The company’s payment protections keep you safe from banking Trojans, fake shopping carts, and bank websites that have been infected by viruses. This helps you steer clear of websites that are suspicious and preventing you from sharing your credit card and personal details with hackers.

The Avira also protects the real time unknown threats that may attack your data. Unknowingly sometime you may download the wrong data with some malware attached to it. In this situation the Avira antivirus can be your doctor for the data. Avira scans any files in real-time before you open them, and lets you know if it’s dangerous or not. If it does detect a threat, it will update its library to make sure you don’t get hacked again. This is great because it keeps you safe from malware and other attacks that may still be unknown to security companies.

Why Avira Antivirus?

The Avira antivirus is the best antivirus out in the market. It protects the data from different threats, spams and hackers. It shields your computer and makes it malware and virus proof.

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It also protects your accounts from getting hacked or blackmailed by ransom ware attacks and other unknown threats. So the Avira antivirus can be the best option in case of using antivirus software for your PC. It is better to invest your money in good software rather than to waste your money in useless products.

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