Bose Audio Sunglasses Price & Review

Bose audio sunglasses Price

Music with earbuds is old fashioned nowadays. This  is the time of the smart era. So the audio sunglasses can be your best choice to listen to audio without any earbuds .

The term “smart glasses”’ might conjure up visions of Google’s ill-fated Glass, but the Bose Frames are not in the same league. There’s no screen, camera or any visible signs of “smart” from the front. Instead they have built-in sensors and a pair of hidden speakers, which pipe music to your ears.The audio sunglasses look like the regular sunglasses but it will give you the best audio experience you ever had in your lifetime.

Incase of design the arms of the glasses are a bit thicker and wider near the ears, where traditional sunglasses would taper, and there’s a small gold button for turning them on and controlling music. But I was happy wearing them when not listening to music.

There’s a choice of two frames: the larger, squarer Alto (as tested) and the smaller, rounder Rondo. Both are made from black nylon, come with black lenses and look fairly generic.Other lenses are available as optional accessories, including a set of mirrored polarised (£30) or blue gradient (£20), which pop in and out easily enough with a bit of light force applied to the lens.They weigh 45g, which is about the weight of a thicker set of premium sunglasses.

How do they work and sound ?

Two small speakers sit in the frame just in front of your ears. The music is directed straight to your ear through small speaker grilles, while cancelling sound is projected out into the world.In the real world if you have the volume below 50% people sitting right next to you won’t hear it. In fact I took delight in the look of surprise on people’s faces when I gave them the Frames and they suddenly heard my tunes blasting out as they put them on. It’s really very impressive.

In terms of raw sound quality, the Frames sound like a very open set of quality earbuds. They lack deep bass, but give them something complex and they shine with energy and warmth, with excellent separation and clarity.Crank them up beyond 85% volume and you start to hear distortion, but they are pretty loud by that point. Most of my listening was about at 60% on the street or about 30% in quieter spots.

Controls and connectivity

The Frames support standard Bluetooth audio (SBC) as well as the higher quality AAC audio, and have rock-solid connectivity with both Android phones and the iPhone. No noticeable lip sync issues were present either, which made the Frames great for watching video.Turning on the Frames is as easy as pressing the single discreet button under the right arm. The button also serves for pause/play or accepting a call. Double press to skip forward, triple for back. Anyone who has used wireless earbuds before will be familiar with this.To switch them off just turn them upside down for a second or so. It all works great. The one thing they’re missing is volume control, so you’ll be reaching for your phone for that, which is a shame.

Battery life

The audio sunglasses indeed run with a battery.You get just over three hours of continuous listening out of the Frames before the battery runs dry. Charging is fairly slow and needs a magnetic USB cable that snaps on to the inside of the right arm.The Frames come with a traditional sunglasses case. Most true wireless earbuds last about three hours, but are charged multiple times by their case. The Frames could really do with a battery in the case. It’s too easy to forget to charge them, turning them into standard sunglasses.

Why to buy?

The  audio sunglasses indeed are the best sunglasses out there in the market. It is light ,portable and cheap. It looks like regular sunglasses but have very unique features embedded in it.

Bose audio sunglasses Review

You do not need to carry headphones or earplugs or any earpods to listen to your favourite music. You can just pick up the glassware and be smart and enjoy music at the same time . If you are a music lover then you definitely need the audio sunglasses. Better to invest your money in something good rather than to waste your money.

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