Brave – The Best Anonymous Browser

brave browser

The brave browser is one of the best browser released on 2019. It is a opensource software so that user can easily download brave and install brave. The brave browser is working so far so good to make the browsing of the user easy and secure . it have been doing a lot of updates to confirm the secured browsing of the user who believed in it.

Brave 0.23, the browser’s latest version launched at the end of June, includes Private Tabs with Tor – a new feature that provides a user with anonymous internet access through the Tor network.Tor, which is run by volunteers, effectively hides a user’s public IP address by routing their internet connection securely through relays spread around the world, to prevent them from having their identity compromised.This user-centric design toward privacy appears necessary, after a recent study by the University of Chicago and Leibniz University Hannover discovered that most users overestimate the security of the so-called “private” features found in

The tor browser includes a layer of data like that of onion which forms a strict layer once a layer is revealed. This makes the source of data very hard to be traced. So the user remains anonymous. The brave browser has launched this anonymous service so that it can make the user anonymous to  be traced

brave browser

It makes the data secured, user account secured. This function of brave browser has won hearts of millions. This has increased in download of brave browser around the globe which has increased a lot of user. 

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