Cylance Antivirus

 Are you tired of virus and malware attacking your computer? You spend a lot in using antivirus to detect and remove the virus. What if the virus never get inside your pc? For this questions the Cylance Antivirus can the best answer for you

Cylance Antivirus

Cylance Inc. is a software firm that develops antivirus program and other kinds of computer software that prevent, rather than reactively detect, viruses and malware. The company is based in Irvine,calfornia.Cylance has been described as “the first company to apply artificial intelligence,algorithms , and machine learning  to cyber security .

 In February 2019, the company was acquired by Black Berry limited..The company’s mission is to block computer viruses or malware before they have an effect on a user’s computer. Cylance was founded by Stuart McClure and Ryan Permeh. McClure was previously co-founder of Foundstone, a security consultancy. He sold Foundstone to McAfee in 2004, and became that firm’s Chief Tech Officer.

The cyclance or blackberry  Cylance has been around since 2012, but the company initially focused on business- and enterprise-level endpoint protection. Cylance Smart Antivirus brings that same technology to consumers, and it’s relatively inexpensive. A single license costs $29 per year, whereas popular products like Bitdefender, Kaspersky, and Webroot go for $39.99. Cylance’s $69 household pack lets you install protection on five machines, Windows or macOS. And for $99 you get the 10-device family pack. If even that isn’t enough licenses, you might consider McAfee; for $59.99 per year you can install McaFee AntiVirus Plus protection on all devices in your household, Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS.

The cyclane Smart Antivirus’s only tool is its scanning engine which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to find threats to your system. I used a mixture of malware, rootkits, and the test EICAR file on my Windows testing virtual machine. The endpoint-oriented nature of Cylance Smart Antivirus might surprise users who are familiar with traditional antivirus programs. There’s no traditional user interface The program lives as a background process in the notification icon and can be undocked by right-clicking the icon and selecting an item from the context menu.The popup client provides basic information about how many files the tool has analyzed and whether any detection events have been logged. Regardless of whether you’re using Windows or MacOS, the information is easily accessed through the online dashboard.

Cyclane also has some  smart features.As part of its endpoint scanning agent, Cylance Smart Antivirus features an online dashboard where users interact with and control the product.This displays a list of all devices associated with the account as well as their online or offline status. By navigating into individual devices, users can access basic technical information such as the computer’s MAC and IP addresses and a list of detected threats.

cylance antivirus

To release files from the quarantine folder, users can navigate to a system path, undo the .quarantine file extension, and move the files back to their original location on the filesystem.As of pricing Cylance Smart Antivirus can be bought to protect a single device, a household plan of five devices, or a family plan of ten. All plans are available for one- or two-year subscriptions and include free support and a thirty-day money-back guarantee.The product is priced on a sliding scale.

Why  cyclane Antivirus?

The cyclane antivirus is the new technology out in the market. It uses the AI format and makes your computer threat proof from the virus and other malware. It select and find out the threats from it get enter inside your data,you files and folder .

It can save your valiable time and save you a lot of dollars. If you care about your data and want to safeguard it for a long run the Cyclane antivirus is the best choice in this present era.