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DoFasting is an online fasting guideline company that promises to provide you with a personalized fasting strategy based on your health goals.According to the company website, the company takes your current diet, weight, and lifestyle into consideration to design a custom plan that will help you make simple changes in your routine to get the maximum benefits for your health.

While DoFasting promises to give you an eating plan designed for your individual needs, the brand is based around the concept of intermittent fasting. But is this a smart way to eat?

How Does DoFasting Work?

When you first sign up for DoFasting, you are instructed to take a 60-second quiz to determine your daily fasting agenda.This quiz begins by requesting you select your gender, your familiarity with fasting, the time of day you feel most hungry, the timing of your meals, whether you prefer to cook or eat out, and whether you think fasting on weekends is possible for you.You’ll also specify your workout frequency, standard working hours, whether your job is physically demanding, and whether you are looking to lose weight or if you have current medical conditions.Once you finish the quiz with information about your height, weight, and goal weight, the website will give you a summary of their recommended fasting plan.This includes their prediction of when you will hit your goal weight, whether your BMI is within the healthy range, and what your daily caloric intake should be. They also specify whether fasting is safe for your personal situation.If your predicted results appeal to you, you can then purchase a customized fasting plan. The company website states that it typically takes about two hours for a professional nutritionist to review your information and develop a plan that fits your perimeters.

What Is Intermittent Fasting?

To find out more about what intermittent fasting is and how it works, we reached out to Gabrielle Mancella, a registered corporate wellness dietician with orlando health, to learn her thoughts.“Intermittent fasting, put simply, is used to isolate the hours of eating food to a restricted period of time. This can range from any time of day or night, and is dependent upon the goals of the one who is fasting,”Intermittent fasting is a popular fitness trend because it doesn’t require you to change what you eat, but merely when.

There are dozens of variations that claim to combat different health concerns, but the most common methods include completing daily 16-hour fasts or fasting for 24 hours once or twice a week.Many people start intermittent fasting to lose weight by consuming fewer daily calories, but the practice has other purported health benefits.

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