GoldStar Shoes

GoldStar shoes

Goldstar is a multinational shoe brand based in Nepal. The brand produces shoesfor all age and gender peoples and also exports the shoes worldwide.GoldStar is a successful market leader due to its durability, quality, and affordability.

GoldStar has been a leading brand in Nepal for a decade which gave them an advantage over their competitors. It is kind of robust brand made with authentic materials and modern technology. Goldstar never had to advertise its product because of its durability.

Goldstar achieved its major success. As cliché as it may sound but Goldstar made shoes “for the Nepali People” as the price of the shoes was affordable to a large number of Nepali people. Furthermore, footwear was made so light weighted and comfortable which provided a brand value to the company. It offers a wide range of products to each and every age group. Either you are on trekking, jogging or somewhere else. Feel and walk with ease.The Goldstar shoes are easy and comfortable to wear and also has cheap market price than other brand available in the market.


Goldstar did not achieve success overnight. It had to persevere much in the market to gain its brand value.

Its all about the story of continuous struggle, not giving up and rising from countries biggest civil war. GoldStar as a Nepali Shoes Company appears to be more popular among people across the country. Even more, GoldStar is now sold in all over Nepal & India.  Interestingly, it is gaining popularity in western countries too.

The sole reason for the success of the Goldstar shoes is its completeness. People from different places, seasons, economic classes, age, and gender can be able to consume the products. Goldstar has won the hearts of the general public as people don’t have to think twice about purchasing the shoes in terms of its quality as well as price. GoldStar shoe history can be a great lessons & inspirations for startup and business