hide my ass VPN

HMA was created in 2005 in Norfolk, England by Jack CatorAt the time, Cator was sixteen years-old He created HMA in order to circumvent restrictions his school had on accessing games or music from their networK.

According to Cator, the first HMA service was created in just a few hours using open source code.The first product was a free website where users typed in a URL and it delivered the website in the user’s browserThe service with the largest network on the market, HideMyAss has a great interface and decent pricing. However, as you can read in our full HMA review, it doesn’t do that great a job of actually hiding your ass as it keeps logs, being an Avast company and all.HideMyAss has been making incremental improvements for a long time, slowly climbing its way higher in our best VPN  rankings. The current iteration of the client has a clean look and an impressive spread of features, but unfortunately the polished software thinly veils some concerning issues.HideMyAss (HMA) might offer respectable performance and have a nice application, but it has a privacy policy that is questionable in places.


The way HideMyAss’ options are spread out across multiple menu tabs can make finding all the settings a bit challenging, but the VPN actually offers a variety of nice-to-have features. For starters, it covers the two things we always look for in every VPN: a kill switch and a way to set up some type of automatic connection for when you boot up your device. HideMyAss currently supports two extra features. The first is an app kill switch, which lets you define a list of programs that will trigger the HMA client to block traffic specifically to those apps if the VPN disconnects unexpectedly.The second added goodie is something called IP shuffle. Every now and then, at an interval you can set, the VPN will change your IP address .This can improve security and privacy by making it much harder   for anyone to track your online activity. However, the kill switch needs to be on for this feature to be effective. Otherwise, every time a shuffle happens there will be a window of vulnerability when your real IP address will be shown. We also want to point out that the HMA kill switch is set to “off” by default, and we urge anyone using it to change this setting as soon as possible for a more secure setup. 


HMA actually shows different plan options depending on your country. When we connected to the HMA website from the U.S., HideMyAss offered three plans, jumping straight to a yearly plan as the shortest available signup length, instead of starting with a monthly option. HMA’s annual pricing matches NordVPN’s. NordVPN also lets users sign up on a per-month basis, although it’s a bit steep to regularly pay for a VPN this way. In fact, NordVPN and HideMyAss actually have the same pricing for the two-year period, as well. However, NordVPN actually comes in at about 50 cents less per month than HMA in the three-year time frame. Neither VPN is particularly cheap.

Easy to use 

The blue and white color scheme is widely popular with VPN providers these days, and HideMyAss has a nice take on a clean and simple interface design . Both the desktop client and mobile apps are visually pleasant and easy on the eyes, even in low light.HMA’s “quick options” sit on the right side of the screen.


Server locations

HideMyAss has the largest selection of server locations we’ve seen to date, with more than 290 locations available in more than 190 countries. As we’ve already mentioned, though, many of these servers are not actually in the location they claim to be. Instead, many of HMA’s locations are made up of virtual servers.

HMA does have what sounds like an impressive number of total servers, coming in at around 1,000 servers with 50,000 total IP addresses to offer between them. However, this is only about a fourth the number of servers that NordVPN has, despite having those servers in fewer locations.This means that the HMA network is spread thin. Because of this, spikes in traffic on the network could very easily lead to noticeable slowdowns.