Released date and price

he LG  C9 OLED  was released on april 2019 .the C9 comes in three screen sizes: a 55-inch , 65-inch (reviewed here) and a 77-inch model.If you live in the UK, you’ll be able to purchase the 55-inch OLED55C9PLA for £2,499, the 65-inch OLED65C9PLA for £3,299 and the 77-inch OLED77C9PLA for £7,499. In the US, those models correspond to the OLED55C9PUA ($2,499), OLED65C9PUA ($3,499) and OLED77C9PBA ($6,999), while in Australia you’ll be able to find the OLED55C9PTA (AU$3,899), OLED65C9PTA (AU$6,399) and OLED77C9PTA (AU$15,999).

Design and Display

The C9 OLED retains the same sleek and minimalist appearance, as well as the sloped stand that fires sound at the listener. The bezel-less screen is surrounded by a dark metallic trim, and both the stand and rear of the panel boast an attractive brushed-metal finish.LG is the only manufacturer to include HDMI 2.1 on its 2019 4K TVs, giving them a leg up on the competition that won’t have HDMI 2.1 until 2020. Other manufacturers would likely retort that you can deliver nearly all the same features using HDMI 2.0b, the C9 includes the latest version of the Magic Remote, which retains its fantastic ergonomic design. The controller is comfortable to hold and highly intuitive to use, thanks to a precise onscreen pointer. Five minutes with this zapper and all others are stone age by comparison.

HD/SDR Performance

The LG C9 delivers all the picture benefits you would expect from an OLED TV: incredibly inky blacks and superior contrast ratios. It’s also extremely accurate, producing colours that are both natural and perfectly saturated.The default Standard picture mode is sure to please many, with its bright punchy images and colours that pop. However those looking for pictures that adhere to the industry standards, will be delighted by the accuracy on offer in the ISF modes. None of this should come as a surprise, the C8 was just as impressive in terms of black levels and image fidelity.The 2nd-gen Alpha9 processor brings deep learning AI algorithms to bear that have a significant impact on the image. This processing accesses a database composed of millions of content examples, and uses this to analyse the picture and then optimise it depending on the type and quality of content.This processing really works, with precise upscaling of lower resolution images and exceptional noise reduction and image enhancement. The results are often breathtaking, and when watching Gravity the detailed star fields looked better than they have on any other display..


The LG C9 sounds remarkably good, especially when you consider it measures mere millimetres at the top and only reaches 46.9mm at the bottom. That doesn’t leave a lot of room for speakers, but LG has applied some clever AI processing to provide acoustical assistance.here’s a new One Touch Sound Tuning feature that uses the mic in the remote to analyse the room from your main listening position and set-up the TV accordingly.

There’s also an AI Sound mode that up-mixes 2.1-channel audio to virtual 5.1 surround sound. Thanks to the clever application of psychoacoustic trickery the sound benefits from staging that seems bigger and more open. The dialogue remains clear but music and effects are more enveloping, while the bass is surprisingly deep.

Smart TV

The LG C9 boasts the latest iteration of webOS and while this game changing platform remains largely the same, there have been a few tweaks.For a start there’s now a second tier on the launcher bar that’s very reminiscent of the one found on Samsung’s Tizen system. It’s rather ironic that LG should take inspiration from Samsung, especially when you consider that Tizen copied webOS in the first place, however the second tier is a useful feature, making it quicker to access content and adding an AI Preview that makes recommendations based on your viewing habits

There’s also a new Intelligent Edit feature that lists your apps based on how often you use them.There’s a new Home Dashboard that collates all connected mobile, input and home IoT devices into a single hub. You can monitor and control just about any connected device in your smart home, and LG will be adding support for Homekit later this year.LG’s ThinQ open AI platform already includes Google Assistant, and the company plans to add Amazon Alexa via a future firmware update. You can access Google by pressing the mic button on the remote, and then voice control your C9 or simply use it as a smart assistant. 

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