Philips SpeedPro Max (vacuum cleaner)

The Philips SpeedPro Max  is the perfect companion in the household and ensures the ideal cleaning of parquet and smooth floors, as well as furniture.With this vacuum cleaner, you can reach into all corners and edges and the LEDs help you to navigate even behind and underneath furniture. The battery indicator allows the user to easily estimate how long the battery will last, yet the battery life of over an hour is very good to work with..


The rod vacuum cleaner philips speed pro max comes in a simple but functionally illustrated package and is ready to use as soon as it is removed from the box. The operating instructions describe in 25 languages how to handle the device. The manual is enclosed in an envelope with the warranty card.The device is black and metallic red on the main device and also the foot has these colors.


The vacuum cleaner can be easily assembled. The suction arm has integrated furniture, upholstery and corner nozzle and thus avoids many loose accessories. The different feet help the vacuum cleaner to be equipped for all surfaces. Another small foot is suitable for furniture and removes lint or hair.The dirt container can be removed, or a flap can be opened and the waste falls out directly. The container is easy to clean by hand and the filter can be replaced. The brushes on the vacuum cleaner feet can also be removed by moving a slider to the side.Particularly practical are the LED lights at the front of the suction foot, which help to better spot the dust behind furniture or in darker areas and to vacuum more efficiently.Both during the charging process and during use, a digital display shows the battery status in percent, so that you can easily orientate yourself.With the wall mount, the vacuum cleaner has a fixed place and can charge there at the same time. This means that the vacuum cleaner is immediately ready for use when you want to use it. The appliance is charged via a magnetic point and no plug has to be plugged in.


Cleaning Result

cleaning result is good and, above all, smooth floors are cleaned in no time by the vacuum cleaner. Even on carpets, the vacuum cleaner only needs to be applied a few times to every spot, and the result is very satisfactory. Vacuumed edges are exceptionally clean and free of particles, just as larger surfaces.slider on the handle allows you to manually adjust 2 suction strengths and the vacuum cleaner can clean the floor even faster.


In normal mode, the battery lasts about 65 minutes, which is enough for normal use in several rooms. The charging time is about 5 hours.the battery is permanently installed os it cannot be changed.

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