Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2
Released date and price

The samsung galaxy fold 2 smartphone is supposed to released on the second half of the year 2020. it is nearly to be released on september 2020

incase of price , according to the source connected very close to the samsung and in refrences of samsung tweets , the price can be somewhere between  between $1,780 and $1,980, with $1,880 to $1,895 likely being the price Samsung settles on.


 It will apparently have a choice of materials, either an aluminum and glass version or a stainless steel and ceramic version, and be finished off in either blue, silver, gold, pink or black.On the inside, Samsung included a notch to make room for the internal cameras, but this looks to be changing. Some rumors claim that Samsung will be bringing its “Infinity-O” punch-hole selfie camera design to this phone too, after using it on the Galaxy Note 10Galaxy S20 and Z Flip. Others claim Samsung’s going to use an under-display camera, negating the need for any kind of black space on the screen. 

Samsung will push that screen all the way to the edges on its next foldable, making for a much more practical and visually-striking design. Rumors suggest that cover display will measure 6.23 inches from corner to corner; the one in the original Fold spanned just 4.6 inches.


There’s a good chance the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 could see a notable improvement to its cameras, however. Max Weinbach claims that the Fold 2 will use the Galaxy S20 Plus’ camera array, which would be a 12MP main sensor, a 3x optical zoom 64MP telephoto sensor, a 12MP ultrawide sensor and a time-of-flight camera to aid the others.  Ross Young tweeted similar camera specs, adding that those lenses are likely to have dual optical image stabilization.


Samsung tends to use 10MP sensors for its phones’ front-facing cameras.  Rumore is that this camera will appear in a punch-hole that will avoid taking up as much space on the display as the notch did. Max Weinbach says it’s even possible the front sensor will be a sub-display camera, hidden under the panel unless you’re using it.

samsung galaxy fold 2


The Galaxy Fold used a Snapdragon 855 system-on-chip, and as you would expect, the Galaxy Fold 2 will use the most recent chip in the same series, the Snapdragon 865. That’s at least according to Max Weinback, but he’s got a proven track record of accurate leaks, so that helps back up our educated guesses


The Galaxy Fold charged at a mediocre 15W, but the Fold 2 really ought to make use of Samsung’s new 25W and 45W charging protocols. However, there are competing rumors. 


Some say that the Fold 2 will stick with 15W charging, while others say the upgrade to 25W and above will be happening after all. We might be able to disarm the former rumors with the fact that before we knew its actual name, the Galaxy Z Flip, which does use 15W charging, was thought to be called the Galaxy Fold 2. Even so, we may need to prepare to be disappointed with the charging ability of the Fold 2.The Fold could wirelessly charge too, and use Samsung’s “PowerShare” reverse wireless charging to give that power back to a compatible accessory. We’d expect this feature to come to the Fold 2 also, but we hope that Samsung manages to up the wattage of both of these for more rapid charging when away from a power cable.