The Philips OneBlade Pro

The best attractive things of a human by another human in first look it their face. So shaving beard or grooming the beard came be the best idea. For this the philips presents you the wonderful philips one blade pro to make you look smart.

What can you do with  The Philips OneBlade Pro ?


 The Philips OneBlade Pro  is a shaving machine with multiple work.First, the head is flexible and follows the contour of your face, which makes for both an effective and comfortable shave. the OneBlade Pro’s unique shaving technology integrates a fast moving cutter – 200 times per second – with dual protection system to give an efficient and comfortable shave on longer hairs. Because of that speed, you can shave with or against the grain without fear of painful snags.the best about the machine is that you can also use it in wet or dry condition according to your mood.


Whether it’s sideburns or the back of your neck, the OneBlade Pro comfortably and quickly cuts a very clean line. You’re working with a dual-sided blade so you can shave in either direction and get great visibility to see every hair that you’re cutting. First and foremost, is the adjustable precision comb. Unlike the first OneBlade, which had only three length settings (1, 3, 5mm), the OneBlade Pro has 14 and can take you from 0.4-10mm with a quick turn of the dial.With the first generation OneBlade, it took eight hours of charging for 45 minutes of power. Not ideal. However, that issue has been more than taken care of. With the OneBlade Pro, you’ll get 90 minutes of power with just one hour to charge fully. Pretty impressive, honestly. And you’ve actually got an LED power indicator so you know exactly how much juice you’re working with at all times.




The best feature of this machine is trimmer. The snap-on attachment lets me quickly glide between 14 lengths for optimal perma shadow maintenance.Additionally, because of the number of length options and the ease with which you can change them, the OneBlade Pro to be a great tool to give  a little fade at the edges of  hair when it starts to grow back in at about the one and a half week point after a haircut. It is a tool a tool for manscaping and to trim your eyebrows

 Why philips one blade pro?

The philips pro one blade is a best tool for your hair and  beard. If you are a beard lover you can trim and manage your beard for a long run, you can also manage unwanted body hair that makes you look ugly. This is indeed a best tool to manage all sorts of hair that grow on your body and helps you to remain handsome. 

Beside this this machine has many benefits.– Trimming attachment with 14 length settings is perfect for stubble, beards, eyebrows, minor fading jobs and manscaping– Can be used in wet or dry conditions– Recharges quicklyIf you are planning to buy for you or as a gift then better to invest your money in this gem rather than to wast your money in some useless product.

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